About Us

Supernet Technologies is a leading provider of end-to-end solution for banks and Telecom operator. Our Customer includes major banks, Telecom operator and government regulatory bodies.

Supernet has over 70% of its workforce deployed in R&D with a bulk of the R&D team coming from premier institutes in India, Africa and France.

Know About our Services

Server and Storage

Small Is Beautiful

Three words are our philosophy "Small, Joint-work, Time-to-market".


We think that being small company is the key of performance and flexibility. By creating a network of small companies in R&D, in manufacturing only standard technologies, we do what the big company does in fraction of cost, by developing competitive product at the right time. We have created a core partner of R&D, hardware and software provider.


By respecting the culture of our core partner, we believe that people may deliver the best and innovative technology. It is for us a matter of compromise between economic scale in development cost and the interest point of both involved companies.Some partner are becoming a joint-business and some a joint-company.


To deliver the time-to-market product to our valuable customer, we develop with our partner only standard and proven technology (Linux), to lower cost. All of our hardware is COTS (Component Of The Shelf). It is such way we compete always with up to date technology, even against a giant company.

Supernet Is The Solution

Supernet offers wireless service providers the most compelling value proposition in the industry: a uniquely efficient path to the future that actually reduces operating costs as it provides operators with higher capacity and a migration path to the wireless Internet. Supernet simplifies wireless broadband mobility. We simplify wireless access to the Internet and optimize cellular networks and roaming abilities across carriers. We build specialized antennas to facilitate wireless communication. We enable automatic and secure connectivity to wireless broadband networks and manage the devices connected to those networks.