Supernet Advantages


As a result of our proven industry experience, Supernet Technologies brings to light the new-age wireless broadband solution from over 10 years of collective design, development and deployment experience from its parent concerns, RT Networx with the specific focus on wireless mobile broadband networking.

Penetrating market

Supernet Technologies is the only company existing today that encompasses and pioneers various aspects of the mobile broadband infrastructure, including the most advanced 3-dimensional antennas, which are produced in-house after intensive research and testing, the most advanced high-performance server hardware that is used in the "SuperOS" base stations, the most flexible, new-age proprietary software, the complete network design and deployment and the option of outsourcing the network itself. Network deployment and maintenance is also offered via well-established system integrators worldwide.

Lower Development & Deployment Costs

Supernet Technologies allows networking equipment manufacturers, ISP's and System Integrators to empower their business by focusing their resources and dollars where it matters most, getting product to market and revenue in the door, sooner.

Robust and cutting edge technology

In the near future the newer Wireless Scalable Access System models will use OFDM, DSSS and FHSS in the most robust and conjunctive manner, with the best possible penetrative power. These models will use OFDM, DSSS and FHSS in the form of O-DSFHSS, Orthogonal Direct Sequence Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (O-DSFHSS), which has already undergone successful testing.