Supernet has delivered telecom and banking solutions in a wide range of markets worldwide. We invite you to explore our offerings in this section, and to contact us to discuss your requirements. In addition to the proven solutions described, we continually address more specialized applications.

Our Rural WiMAX and Rural Banking solution together bridges the gap which banks and Telcos are facing.

The challenge facing many banks and operators today is how to provide service to rural and remote areas in an economic fashion while maintaining the same services as their main stream network. For these scenarios, Supernet offers the Rural WiMAX System (RWS). The RWS provide remote area a very good wireless network so the banks can reach their customer over it and Banks agent can do the transaction seamlessly. This will add an advantage to banks rural banking solution. The RWS is a flexible network solution for distributed deployments in multiple wireless technologies. Targeted at scenarios for hundreds to several thousand subscribers, the RWS provides a compliant solution that extends the network to previously unreachable (technically or economically) locations.


Supernet Technology is a leader in providing solutions for the Mobile, Wireless and Telecommunications industry. Striking a perfect balance between quality and quantity, our Solutions provide engineering solutions with a core competency in Wireless technologies, specializing in Mobile & Data communication. We are able to continually develop new services, bringing our clients the expertise they need precisely when they need it. Supernet strives to establish long-lasting relationships with its customers to develop and deploy next generation technology solutions.

Our highly experience team of Engineers has developed 4G services in very short span of time. For your any requirements please contact our expert at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

MBank USSD Solution

The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Services feature on the MBank solution allows the user to interact directly with their bank account from their GSM-based mobile phones. The USSD Services has the capability to provides the framework for a rich set of vertical capabilities including subscriber account management, balance inquiry, mini statement, Fund transfer, Top-up, mobile currency recharge and bill payments. This capability can also minimize the use of sms and GPRS channel resources and reduce complexity presented by these channels.