Mobile becomes a Point of Sale (POS) - A card reader and app system that allows mobile devices to receive credit or debit card payments.

Supernet’s Mobile POS enables easy payments collection solution for merchants. It renders the card-based transaction process easier, cheaper, and highly mobile. It is a simple solution with least investment, merchants can use their Mobile as a POS and enhance operational efficiencies. Plug into the audio jack of smartphone or tablet and start using the App for payments for sale, goods or service.

Enhance customer experience with M-POS and securely accept payments through card or mobile wallet. M-POS is useful for Grocery Stores, Merchants, Gas Stations, Parking, Taxis, Restaurants, etc.


  • Virtual terminal for card swipe
  • Capture customer signature (touch screen)
  • Save Customer Information  (not card details)
  • Manage Cash Transactions
  • View Reports
  • Instant