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  • Contact : 91-80-40915171/72

24/7 Services Support


Timely support is available from Supernet Customer Response

Technical support is always available from Supernet Customer Response Centre (CRC). The CRC operates on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, ensuring that someone is available to answer your questions no matter where your solution is deployed across the globe.

The CRC is staffed by highly qualified engineers trained in diagnostics and troubleshooting procedures. The single-tier support model allows your inquiries to be answered by staff knowledgeable of your solution, significantly reducing the time needed to respond to your service needs. Escalation procedures are in place if needed to resolve any technical problems. We respect all level of SLA’s promptly.

As a Supernet customer, our CRC cell is your single point of contact for all support and maintenance services, and is accessible by phone and/or e-mail.