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E-banking & M-Banking

E-banking & M-Banking

The best product to include non-banking population into digital banking world.

Mobility has been a significant revolution in the banking sector in the last decade. Customers are given access to Contactless banking using Near Field Communication (NFC) based digital banking solution without visiting bank branches.

Supernet technologies introduce the E-banking & M-banking solution with advanced security. Its state-of-the-art technology platform enables banks and financial institutions to offer Digital Financial Services (DFS) to customers by leveraging the power of infrastructure and unique solutions. All the activities through this solution’s gateway are protected as they have resided behind robust firewalls. The involvement of 3DES and SHA and a secured TPIN / MPIN by mobile applications is placed to protect data integrity, strong encryption, and security.

Our solution takes care of registration, balance enquiry, notification, e-services, fund transfer, and other payment services without any complexities. The customized and explicit security is tested & proven foolproof to meet best banking practices. The user can access the service from PCs, tablets & mobiles. Our users can rebrand the solution ‘on demand’ as their solution or open to using it under the Supernet Technologies brand.

Key Features

  • Standard encryption of algorithms 3DES, SHA1, MD5, RSA for secured banking solution.
  • Compatible to banking standards like ISO 8583
  • Fingerprint verification process and transaction proof using Bluetooth.


  • Reach out to non-banked population in the rural area to expand customer base
  • The product is used to address the digitization process of the non-banked population of countries & region globally.
  • Security-related systems and components are in the control of the bank

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