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Super Unified Notification Channel

Super Unified Notification Channel

Unified multiple notification channels with concurrency and performance

Banking and other financial services must have a robust notification system. It can be in the form of SMS, email, and business WhatsApp messages, etc. Users will receive multi-channel alerts and notifications through their smartphones from banks about transactions and events recorded by the bank’s diverse business systems.

The SuperNet’s Unified Notification Channel (UNICH /UNIC/ Unify) is the one-stop solution for SMS, Email, WhatsApp, USSD, Push notification solutions. Creates a new level of freedom of choice to the customers in using channels to make the transactions. Users can trust our solution as it is backed with a secured notification system for banking and banking-related services. This platform is secure and rich in features and can perform notifications and banking services and provide alerts, all at a time. With the help of these active banking channels (SMS, Email, WhatsApp, USSD, etc.), customers can pull details of the periodic account balance reporting, successful payment details, balance enquiry, etc., in the B2C services by the financial institute.

This platform is easily customizable via its rich rules’ engine, and it provides High performance through its concurrency in handling messages, thereby providing high availability. All the banking operations can be performed using any of the subscribed channels and have Class in Banking experience.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Business services availability to customer is the key for traditional (email/SMS) and new channels (social media)
  • Solution provides unified channel on WhatsApp, SMS, USSD based on customer need
  • Notification for communication with receipts, reminders, wishes and customizable notes for customer engagement
  • High capacity and performance-oriented solution
  • The client can enable and disable the notification channel as per their requirement

Be a part of the most secured notification channel for banking and banking related services– The Super Unified Notification Channel from Supernet Technologies. Let us connect. Contact us at info@supernet-india.com