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IT Services

IT Services

360o IT infrastructure planning, installation, and commissioning service

Making changes to your IT infrastructure is akin to renovating your house while you are still living in it – if executed properly, you will be in trouble. Your company is made up of people who rely on cutting-edge technology to do their jobs well. Misconfiguration of IT infrastructure will result in dissatisfied team members, decreased performance, productivity, and will cost you significantly more in the long run.

Supernet Technologies has excellence in IT infrastructure services. We are uniquely positioned to help you build a strategic plan, installation, and commissioning to incorporate emerging technologies and next-generation infrastructure capabilities aligned to your business priorities. We have proven experience in delivering successful technology enablement and digital transformation strategies for improving agility, sustainability, security controls, and enterprise resilience.

Our holistic approach to understanding your requirements, assess, analyze, and understand your current data, network, and infrastructure architecture and, with the help of the best technology solutions, enables the cost-effective and error-free deployment of services. When IT organizations want integration of newer IT infrastructure, we do end-to-end installation and delivery.

Our services are further differentiated into three types considering the nature of them

Consulting and professional services

  • We add critical value to organizations by helping them devise IT strategy and implementation.
  • Expertise to architect, implement, secure, and manage IT infrastructure solutions in datacentre, private, public or hybrid cloud.

Design services

  • Expertise across the entire IT infrastructure stack
  • A well planned and detail-oriented approach
  • Knowledge of deployment and automation options available.
  • Extensive experience in deploying IT infrastructure Solutions across different domains and technologies.
  • Expert teams with certified technical skills by all the major technology Providers.
  • Utilization of technological solutions for minimizing deployment errors

Project management approach

  • Implementation projects are managed by a Project Management Office PMO.
  • Ensures a clear implementation plan before starting the project.
  • A Project leader with clear governance and escalation matrices in place.
  • Ensures the delivery of all projects within agreed upon time frames.

Be a part of the most secured IT infrastructure & planning installation and commissioning service from Supernet Technologies. Let us connect. Contact us at info@supernet-india.com